Peruchetti Plastering Peruchetti Plastering

Decorex 2012

Concepts in Venetian Polished Plaster

Perucchetti’s inspiration for Decorex 2012 came from nature and our interpretation of the Icelandic volcanic eruption which so affected us all.

Our theme for the show was strong, organic lava flows using bursts of colour, jagged edges and texture to emphasise movement. Organic, contemporary pigments in earth tones were blended with delicate metallic hues to give three dimensional patinas with exquisite, aged lava inspired finishes.

Our trained artisans created a jigsaw puzzle as a sense of amusement to display traditional and abstract finishes to include raised stencils, textural finishes, crocodile print and metallic hues. This was lots of fun to plan and to make and it was much admired by visitors to the stand.

A large show sample was inspired by the work of the artist Damien Hirst. This colourful piece showed the true versatility of this unique product. Throughout the stand raised, stencilled swallows swooped through the panels symbolising new beginnings following the devastation of the volcanic eruption.

Visitors to our stand were intrigued to learn that all the finishes on display had been created using plaster applied with a trowel! This confirmed the versatility of this unique, organic product.

Decorex Stall